About Us

The moving process can get expensive, especially when you’re facing an out of state or cross country relocation. At Trans Union Trucking, we’re a moving company focused on giving you a great moving experience at budget-friendly prices.

Company History

We got our start after our founder, Dave, moved across the country with his young family back in 1990. At the time, he and his wife Jan were moving from Philadelphia to Texas to be closer to her family. They had two young children and couldn’t manage the move on their own, so they hired a long distance van line to assist with the relocation. They established a moving budget, but soon found that moving costs were far more expensive than they ever imagined. After the move, Dave started looking for jobs in insurance (his previous field). After frustrating weeks of job searching he started thinking back to the inefficiencies of his moving experience and how things could have gone better. He wondered if he could create a moving company that would offer better service at a better price for people just like his family. So, in spring of 1991, Trans Union Trucking was born.

Trans Union Long Distance Moving

Today, Trans Union Trucking focuses on helping our customers have great moving experiences. For most people one of the biggest strains of the moving process is the expense. We ease the financial burden of moving by offering straightforward, flat-rate pricing on long distance moves. This starts by sending someone to your home to walk through your household inventory and take detailed notes. From this visit, we put together a comprehensive moving package that caters to your moving specifics. Then, your moving coordinator sends you a binding, not-to-exceed moving contract. Under the terms of this contract, you’ll never have to pay more for your move than the amount stated in the contract. If the actual shipping weights ends up being less than the estimated weight, we’ll charge less. This contract helps you plan for your moving costs to keep your moving budget in your control.

Let us help you move for less. Call Trans Union Trucking now or submit a contact form to receive a free estimate of your long distance moving costs!