How to Pack Your Kitchen for Moving Out of State

31 Jan by transuni

How to Pack Your Kitchen for Moving Out of State

Moving out of state is already stressful. However, you can make it almost fluid by having a very clear idea of how objects and space will be used when transitioning to and unpacking in the new kitchen and the new place.

First Rule: Always Label Boxes

According to professional movers and packers, this is the first rule of packing, above all else. Every single box you use should be labeled with the Room and Contents so that you can be as functional as possible as soon as you arrive in your new place.

The rest of packing your kitchen is basic physics. Yes, we said basic physics.

Roll All Utensils and Silverware into One Plastic Roll

Don’t worry about sorting or separating or being organized at all with this. None of that is necessary, nor is it useful.

Just get one big plastic sheet (plastic wrap used for moving) and spread it out on a huge countertop, table or the floor, wherever you have the most room. Then, unhook all of the utensils which are hanging up, empty out all of the drawers, take all of the knives from the knife block, and take all of the utensils from the buckets and pitchers which are holding oven-friendly spatulas. Line everything up loosely on the plastic wrap in one long row (with no spaces in between, we’re not neat here).

Now, take one side of the plastic wrap, and start rolling it in toward the other side. Everything will be picked up and rolled in with it. Have packing tape ready to use. When the roll is all rolled up, fold down the ends, tape them in place, and you’re done.

Stack Cookie Sheets Together with No Filler

You will be doing something similar with all of your cookie sheets. Simply stack all of them up, will no newspapers or anything in between them, and roll some plastic around them to keep them from getting wet and rusty. Tape the packing wrap, and you’re done.

Stack Plastic Bowls Together, Plastic Wrap Around

Plastic is very durable and lightweight. Plastic bowls don’t fall and break, and they move very well. These Las Vegas, NV movers say to stack all of your plastic bowls together, from largest to smallest, in one giant tower. Wrap some plastic wrap around, length-wise, until the tower is secured. Then, wrap some around the tower, too, to keep dirt out. Tape and secure. You’re done with that, too.

Packing the Heavy Baking Dishes

Metal pots can be easily stacked, wrapped and taped. Their lids form another stack, wrap, and tape. It is the heavy baking dishes which must be carefully and protectively wrapped.

Baking dishes should not be packed in stacks. Fill each baking dish with newspaper or packing paper, wrap newspaper around the baking dish several times, then wrap in plastic wrap. Tape and secure. You will have to do this individually with each precious baking dish. This is the thing which will take the most time, but even this will take less than 3 hours to do. When all of your baking dishes are filled with newspaper, wrapped in several layers of newspaper, and then plastic wrapped and taped, you are ready to pack them in your boxes.

Scrunch up balls of newspaper to form cushions in the boxes. Carefully place your precious baking dishes inside, and then fit in more balls around the dishes to cushion from all sides. That’s it. You’re done.

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