Preparing For A Cross-Country Move – Six Tips To Remember

8 Jan by transuni

Preparing For A Cross-Country Move – Six Tips To Remember

Moving across the country is more challenging than moving locally. It is also a lot more expensive. Fortunately, there are six key things that you can do to make your cross-country relocation easier.

1. Create a Moving Checklist

You may be overwhelmed with all of the things that you have to do before your move. The tasks will seem less daunting if you make a list of everything that you need to do before you move. Your checklist should have a list of things that you need to do every week until you move. Complete all of the tasks in a specific order so that you do not forget to do anything.

2. Hire a Moving Company

You may be able to complete a local move on your own. However, you do not want to try to move across the country without hiring a professional. A professional company can pack up your belongings, load them into the truck, transport them and unpack them. This will take a lot of the stress off of you.

3. Set a Budget

It can easily cost over $10,000 to move across the country. You will likely have to spend a lot of money to move, but there are things that you can do to cut the cost of your move. You will need to set a budget before you move. Try your best to stay within the budget you set.

You can cut the cost of your move by moving during the off-season, which is typically October through April. If you are moving because of your job, then your employer may cover a portion of the moving costs. You may also be able to deduct the cost of moving from your taxes.

4. De-Clutter

De-cluttering will benefit you in many ways. If you have fewer items, then it will be easier for you to pack. Getting rid of items that you do not need can also save you money. The more items you have, the more money you will have to pay a moving company.

5. Transfer Utilities and Forward Mail

You will need to turn off your utilities and make arrangements for your utilities to be turned on in your new home before you move. You should also forward your mail. All you have to do is go to your local post office and fill out a Change of Address form.

6. Find Out About the Area

It is important to find out everything that you can about the neighborhood before you move there. Find out about all of the schools, hospitals, doctor’s offices, libraries and other important areas in the neighborhood. You should also find out about the cost of living. Additionally, if you have never been to the area before, then you will need to visit it at least one time before moving.

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